1986 Kiss Animalize DVD
Animalize: Live Uncensored 1986
Fact: Originally released on VHS. This concert features such milestones as Bruce on his first tour, Gene in his first wig and Eric in his first Leopard skin tights! The songs are played a little fast but very interesting to see them in their full 80s metal glory!
1987 Kiss eXposed
eXposed 1987
Fact: A strange mock, tongue-in-cheek documentary
of the KISS members lives (well mainly Gene and Paul).
The humour doesn't quite work in place but the
footage is interserped with archival footage and plenty
of half naked girls!

1993 Kiss DVDs
Konfidential & X-Treme Close Up 1993
Fact: Originally released as seperate VHS tapes. X-Treme Close-Up was a rather good documentary on the band with comments by Gene, Paul, Bruce & Eric Singer leading up to the REVENGE album. Konfidential was footage from their 1992 tour with a few segments in between. Footage was intercut from many shows so bands members change clothes mid-song!
1995 Kiss My Ass DVD
Kiss My Ass 1995
Fact: This video was a grab-bag of KISS. Old footage, new footage, stuff from the KISS MY ASS tribute album and interviews. Didn't really flow together too well.
1996 Kiss Unplugged DVD
MTV Unplugged 1995
Fact: Fantastic DVD of KISS acoustic gig. Featured a behind-the-scenes part as well as interviews with Ace and Peter about their special appearances. Would later re-appear in remastered and extended form on the KISSOLOGY 3 DVD.
1998 Kiss Second Coming DVD
The Second Coming 1998
Fact: Documentary about the highly successful ALIVE WORLDWIDE reunion tour. Amazing all-access footage shows the band, rehearsing, photo shoots, on the tour bus, live and much more.
2003 Kiss Symphony DVD
KISS Symphony: The DVD 2003
Fact: Documentary and live performance of KISS's show with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Featured Peter's final appearance for KISS on DVD.
2004 Kiss Rock The Nation DVD
Rock The Nation Live! 2004
Fact: The first DVD to feature "New KISS" with Tommy and Eric! Mixed old and new songs together. The drums are a marked improvement compared with Peter's later performances.
2004 Kiss Gold DVD
Gold 2004
Fact: Companion piece to the KISS Gold CDs. Basically just KISS Exposed with a new cover.
2006 Best of Kiss DVD
The Best Of KISS: The DVD Collection 2006
Fact: Featured the best of KISS on DVD. If, by "Best" you mean "All the 80s hair metal-era" clips.
2006 Kissology Vol.1 DVD
Kissology: Vol.1 1974-1977 2006
Fact: Amazing compilation of video clips, full concerts, interviews, and rare performances from the original KISS's humble beginnings to their height of fame in 1977. Came with 3 different bonus discs Cobo Arena, Detroit (Jan ’76), Madison Square Garden, NY (Feb 1977) and Capital Centre, Largo, MD (Dec 1977)
2007 Kissology Vol.2 DVD
Kissology: Vol.2 1978-1991 2007
Fact: Amazing compilation of full concerts, interviews, and rare performances from Peter's final days with the band, through the personal-changing Make-up free 80s. Featured the "ATTACK OF THE PHANTOMS" 1978 movie. Came with 3 different bonus discs Tokyo Budokan (April 1988), Capital Centre, Largo, MD (July 1979) and The Ritz, New York (August 1988)DIVIDER
2007 Kissology Vol.3 DVD
Kissology: Vol.3 1992-2000 2007
Fact: Amazing compilation of full concerts, interviews, and rare performances from the Revenge era through the Reunion period to the FArewell Tour (the last time Ace & Peter would play with the band together). Featured the first KISS show in 1973 at the Coventry Club. Came with 3 different bonus discs KROQ Weenie Roast: Irvine Meadows, CA (June 1996), Sao Paulo, Brazil (August 1994) and Madison Square Garden: New York City, NY (July 1996). A fourth bonus disc was the movie “Detroit Rock City” this was included if you pre-ordered the DVD set during VH-1’s 24 Hours of KISSmas marathon, which aired on December 7 & 8, 2007.
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